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Will the Simply Solar Greenhouse work where I live? We have very hot summers and very cold winters.

We have gardeners with our greenhouse growing year round in all 48 continental states plus Alaska & Canada.

What is the Simply Solar Greenhouse made of?

The Simply Solar Greenhouse is a one piece molded fiberglass product. We use the finest quality fiberglass and exclusive resins formulated for our greenhouse. As light enters the greenhouse it is reflected and refracted off the interior walls. This fiber optic effect means several things to you:

On cloudy days it is actually brighter inside the greenhouse than it is outside.

Plants inside the Simply Solar Greenhouse are surrounded by light, thus creating a unique growing and blooming condition.

There are no shadows inside the Simply Solar Greenhouse due to the fiber optics so you are able to grow on multiple levels, something that is difficult to do in a conventional greenhouse. You can literally grow from the ground to the ceiling. You are only limited by the height of the plants.

Your greenhouse blocks out the ultra violet light. Why is this important?

For your greenhouse it is important because ultra violet light breaks down the composition of the synthetic products that most greenhouses are made of today. For your plants ultraviolet protection is important just as it is for humans. Your plants will not be burned or shut down due to harmful UV rays. Many so-called shade plants, like orchids and fuscias, are not harmed by light, but rather by the ultra violet rays.
Won’t it cost me a lot of money to heat my Simply Solar Greenhouse?
The Simply Solar Greenhouse is a true passive solar product. The reflection and refraction of the light results in a fiber optic effect causing a heat and light build-up in cold weather.  You don’t have to purchase an expensive greenhouse heater for cold winter nights. A simple, inexpensive 1500 watt heater with a thermostat and fan will do the trick. The heater will only be needed at night and you are only going to keep the greenhouse at 40 degrees in the nighttime, you can operate year round for only a few dollars a month. More northern locations will require more than one heater.
I live in a extremely hot desert climate. Won’t I need coolers? How will the Simply Solar Greenhouse operate in the summertime?
Lack of humidity and ultraviolet rays are more harmful than summer heat. With your windows open and the hot air escaping from the open vents on the top air movement is created. The evaporation from your damp mulch on the ground combined with the air movement a natural swamp cooler effect is created.
Do the automatic paraffin hydraulic vent openers require electricity?
No. They are solar powered.
Can I use gravel inside the greenhouse instead of mulch?
No. Gravel will not absorb the moisture and will retain cold in winter and heat in summer. Your mulch serves many purposes. It insulates the ground in the winter. The evaporation helps cool the greenhouse in the summer and maintains the proper level of humidity in the greenhouse all year long.  If you are worried about tracking the mulch most folks just put a few stepping stones down the middle.
What do I have to do to get my greenhouse going?
When our tractor trailer arrives all you have to do is point out where you want it installed. There is nothing to assemble and you don’t need a foundation. We will trench your site and install the greenhouse for you.
I’ve looked at a lot of greenhouse catalogs and there are pages and pages of accessories. What do I have to buy to get my Simply Solar going?
Maybe nothing. For your mulch you can use sawdust, bark mulch, bark chips or wood chips. Whatever is free or cheap in your area. The rest can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. A packet of seeds and a watering can will get you growing.  You probably have an electric heater that you can use already. Don’t spend a lot of money on a heater as they will all rust out in a greenhouse environment.
I’ve never had a greenhouse before. I’m afraid it’s going to be too complicated.
Think about it... You are now growing outdoors. You are fighting pests, lack of humidity, ultra violet rays, temperature fluctuations, too much sun, too little sun and so on. Anything you can grow outdoors is going to be 100 times easier to grow in your Simply Solar Greenhouse because of the stable environment.
What about hail, snow and wind?
While nothing is indestructible, there is no product on the market that will stand-up to the elements as well as the Simply Solar Greenhouse.
Where should I locate my Simply Solar Greenhouse on my property?
While your Simply Solar Greenhouse is happy in any location and exposure, we recommend if possible, that the long side (arched side) face the prevailing winds in your area.
How many boxes does my Simply Solar Greenhouse come in?
Your Simply Solar Greenhouse is not a kit. It is delivered to you completely assembled in one piece.
Is the fiberglass in the Simply Solar Greenhouse toxic?
The finished Simply Solar product is nontoxic. In fact, many water storage units are today made from fiberglass products.
How does my Simply Solar Greenhouse get to me? I have a big fence, will that be a problem?
Your Simply Solar Greenhouse is delivered to you by one of our fleet of specially designed truck & trailers. Fences and other logistical property challenges are historically not a problem for our factory trained drivers and installers. We have delivered and installed thousands of our greenhouses and had a mere few that we couldn’t install.
Is it ok to place my Simply Solar Greenhouse under trees or next to a building?
Yes. Because of the fiber optic effect the Simply Solar Greenhouse will capture light under almost any condition. Care should be taken however, not to place your Simply Solar Greenhouse under a diseased tree that may loose a large limb.
What if I want to drill into my Simply Solar for “S” hooks or to install rods for hanging baskets? Is that ok?
Absolutely. We recommend placing washers on both sides of the bolts and using a small amount of silicone caulking to insure that your installation is watertight.
What would happen if my Simply Solar Greenhouse was damaged in transit? Would I have to file claims with shippers and their insurance company?
Unlike most greenhouse companies we do not use third party shippers. We deliver our own greenhouses using our company owned fleet of specially designed trucks and trailers.
I like the idea of a contained solar unit. Can the Simply Solar Greenhouse be used for purposes other than gardening?
Yes, there are many. Not only is the Simply Solar Greenhouse the ultimate performance product for gardeners, there are many other applications. We have Simply Solar Greenhouses in schools, zoos and many commercial and non-profit entities. The Simply Solar Greenhouse has been used for fish, birds, insects, reptiles and a myriad of other purposes. 
What forms of payment do you accept?
We only require a small deposit by credit card, and you don't pay one penny more until your greenhouse is delivered and installed to your satisfaction.  Then you can pay the driver by credit card, money order or personal check...however you want. 
What does it cost for shipping?

We do deliver any place,
and all are installed free

We deliver and install for $2.00 per mile, but do not let this frighten you. We usually can make up a load of 3 to 6 units on a load and then we split the freight between all units so the cost can be shared. Example if we get a full load you would probably only pay about .75 cents per mile on a 15 foot unit less for the 8 foot unit and more for the 30 foot unit. Call for a guaranteed price to you.

All units are installed free of charge.

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