Simply Solar Greenhouses

Installing Your Greenhouse & Guarantee

Installation Instructions

Warning: improper installation may lead to structural damage or collapse and may void guarantee.

A special “lip” foundation has been molded on the inside perimeter of the solar greenhouse. In order to maintain structural integrity, the foundation lip must be buried four inches below ground level.

For installation in loose or sandy soil the greenhouse must be staked into the ground through the foundation lip at two intervals using rebar of similar metal stakes of 12 inches in length.

Proper installation not only strengthens your greenhouse, it also creates a humidity barrier for optimum growing conditions.

Limited 10 Year Guarantee

This guarantee applies under conditions of normal use and exposure. A notice of defect during the 10 year period must be provided to Simply Solar Greenhouses in writing. If defective within the terms of this guaranteed period, Simply Solar Greenhouses will repair or replace the greenhouse at the companys option and expense.

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